Dental Implants in Brooklyn NY

Dental Implants in Brooklyn NY – Where To Go

dental implants in brooklyn ny

You are missing some teeth and you’re looking for dental implants in Brooklyn NY. You are at the right place. If you live in Brooklyn there is no need to hop on a train and travel to Manhattan to get your dental implants. Staying home and finding the right dentist in your own neighborhood is the way to go. Plus where is there a better place than Brooklyn?

It Starts With Good Dental Health

Missing teeth are no joke. Many people have self esteem issues because of their smile or lack of a pretty smile. What is even worse is when your poor oral health affects your overall health. When it is time to improve your overall health and your oral health is bad your mouth may be a good place to start healing first. Getting any gum disease under control can save you from losing any more teeth. Gum disease is the number one reason people lose teeth in the United States. Gum disease is also related to heart disease. The same bacteria that attacks your gums and underlying bone also are found attacking your heart. There are numerous studies that show this correlation. Once you get your oral health back to a healthy state than its time to address any teeth that you may have missing.

Important Factors About Dental Implants in Brooklyn NY

Once you are ready to get dental implants in Brooklyn NY you have to consider different factors. The main factor is how many teeth you are missing. If have one tooth missing your choices are limited. You are not limited in a bad way but to replace one tooth is a straight forward option. The real choices are when you have all your teeth missing in one or both of your jaws. Then your choices could be a removal option. Where removable teeth are anchored by a few implants and are snapped into place. This is the cheaper option than teeth that are permanently anchored and don’t come out. Teeth that are permanently cemented or screwed in over implants are the most expensive option to replace teeth. The benefit of doing the fixed teeth option is that it is the closest thing to having your own teeth.

man with denturesIf someone was wearing a denture, dental implants should be placed as soon as possible after the denture has been fitted. The bone that holds the denture in place is not made to handle the force of chewing. What happens to the bone is that over time it will atrophy. That means the bone will lose its height. If too much bone is lost than dental implants may not be a viable option. Sometimes a series of surgeries will be needed to build up the bone height. Then the implants can be placed. In order to save a person from uncomfortable surgeries they should be told of the potential hazards. They also should be educated in the importance of getting the dental implants before bone is lost. This way the patient gets the best treatment for their situation.

Restore Your Smile in Brooklyn NY With Dental Implants

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Let’s talk about restoring a smile where a few front teeth are missing. It is important to use dental implants where the adjacent teeth that are missing are in good shape. The old fashion crown that used to be placed cuts all the enamel off the tooth before a new tooth can be fitted over it. This harms the tooth and the crowns have to be replaced every 7-10 years. Sometimes they need to be replaced even sooner. Dental implants will last much longer than the old fashion crown or bridge technique. That is why it is important to find a dentist that is up on the latest techniques. You want the best treatment options available today. A dentist who is up to date on implants is in your best interest. It is also important because you want a dentist that is comfortable and skilled at working with dental implants. This way you will feel comfortable that you made the right choice on the way to replace your missing teeth.

You are lucky that you live in Brooklyn. Getting dental implants Brooklyn NY is an easy proposition. There are some of the best dentists in the world that practice in Brooklyn. So finding one to treat your missing teeth problem should not be hard. Brooklyn is full of well and highly trained dental implant specialists.